New Oxford American Dictionary data

American English Dictionary Data


A dictionary dataset that reflects American English as it's used today. The machine-readable format of the New Oxford American Dictionary provides more than 350,000 words and meanings, curated and annotated by our expert lexicographers.


More than 144,000 words tagged with PoS (part of speech: noun, adjective, verb...), pronunciation transcriptions, audio recording, and etymology information.
Words presented in US English. It also covers words used in every country where English is spoken.
More than 214,000 meanings written and edited in clear and natural contemporary English by our language experts.
More than 132,000 example sentences that show the typical use of a word or sense in a quick and concise form.
Includes technical, encyclopedic, and usage notes to clarify and expand on definitions where appropriate.
Words are tagged with labels informing the register, region and subject area of words and meaning.
Constructions and grammatical information in a clear and accessible form.

The content within our language data is constantly reviewed by our team of world-renowned lexicographers and updated twice a year as part of our ongoing work to monitor English language usage around the world. Through our language monitoring programme, we review databases, corpora (collections of text), and other web-based content to ensure that we provide contemporary and appropriate word information that best reflects the current usage of American English.


We also include sensitivity content reviews as part of our updates. To ensure that all vulgar, offensive, and/or derogatory content is correctly labelled, our editorial text is carefully worded and any references to potentially sensitive topics are avoided unless it is contextually relevant and appropriate.


Our flagship English dictionaries have market-leading coverage in both breadth and depth. We cover more than 214,000 meanings, supplemented by extensive examples, etymologies, and other additional information.



Word definitions in search engines

Search engines integrate dictionaries to enhance user experience.

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Word definitions in EdTech solutions

EdTech companies are offering look-up dictionary features in their assistive technology to encourage independent learnings.

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Word definitions in e-readers

e-reader devices are making definitions and example sentences immediately accessible to create a seamless experience for readers.

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AI-assisted writing solutions

The labels in our language datasets can help assisted writing tools to identify tone errors in a piece of writing, by leveraging synonyms with labelling including syn-type, information about usage, register, and regional variations.

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Mobile games with look-up functionality

Dictionaries can introduce an educational element to games by providing in-built definitions and look-up functionality.

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Our American English dataset is available in many formats, such as XML files or JSON through our API. However, we can also work with you to find suitable data formats and delivery mechanisms for unique use cases.


All of our datasets are available through a licensing model, and the rights to use our language datasets and services are completed with a contract or agreement.


Download a sample of our American English dataset in XML, and explore what you can expect to see from a full dataset.