Assisted Writing Solutions

Oxford Languages’ data is ideal for use in assisted writing tools, and comes with the broad coverage, quality control, and expertise needed for developing a great user experience. Curated by our expert lexicographers, our data is well-organised, labelled, and delivered in uniform data formats to allow for easy integration into new or existing systems.


Word Sense Disambiguation: Our sentences data can help your systems identify the specific sense of a word in a written passage, which enables more accurate outputs such as synonym suggestions and tone identification.


Expanding Vocabulary: Our synonym data is sense-specific, presenting synonyms in order of most likely options, and comes with additional annotations to expand users’ vocabulary in an unobtrusive way. Our data has labels attached to describe the type of synonym, helping your tools to identify and present the most relevant options for the piece of writing.


Tone Errors: Our labels help your assisted writing tools to identify tone errors in a piece of writing, by leveraging synonyms with labelling including syn-type, information about usage, register, and regional variations. This provides a seamless user experience, enabling your tool to suggest tone corrections to the end user.

Consultancy: Our expert team work with our customers to determine the best possible solutions for their products, and ensure the solution meets the high-quality standards their end users expect.


Customer support: Our expert team provide continuous support to our customers, and are always available to assist. Find out more about the tailored support offered by our expert team.


Efficient delivery: The support we offer allows our clients to speedily deliver their products to market. Working with a variety of data delivery mechanisms and accurate documentation, we provide a wide range of support for all product requirements.


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