Customer Support

Oxford Languages' Customer Support


With over 150 years of experience and technological innovation behind our content, Oxford Languages’ customer support is curated to suit our client’s needs.


Our customer support does not end at the point of delivery. We offer full post-delivery support to ensure that you are guided throughout your integration process. Our qualified team are always happy to help and ready to assist you with the use of our language datasets, from providing comprehensive support throughout the onboarding process, to maintenance and updates for the life of our licensing agreements.

We can assist with...


  • Understanding your problem: You will benefit from our experience of many decades in working with language data and providing data to customers. Our in-house experts have the skills to understand your needs and any issues you may face.


  • Providing trusted advice: We work collaboratively with our customers and can provide support where required as a trusted advisor.


  • Getting the most from our products: We help our customers get the most from the data they licence by guiding them through delivery and implementation, as well as advising on how relevant features can aid the future growth of their products. We keep our customers in the loop with new and recent developments at Oxford Languages, and ensure our solutions are tailored to your specific use case and products.


  • Tailored support: We provide advice and tailored support while you assess our products and maintain this support once you start using them. We take the time to understand our customer’s pain points and pressures they face and maintain an active role in problem solving feedback loops.


  • Data requirements: Our ongoing support can include assistance with product development, providing representative samples of our data, and sourcing data where needed.


  • Keeping you updated: We keep you informed of annual updates to our data, to ensure we are providing the most recent language content and continually supporting the value of your products.


  • Consistent and ongoing support: Our Customer Success team provide a single and trusted point of contact for all customer needs and ongoing support.