Annual Updates

Oxford Languages Annual Updates

Language is constantly evolving, meaning our datasets are, too. Our annual product updates see a number of our key datasets updated with a great deal of new material and updated or revised targeted entries as part of our ongoing work to ensure that our content is fresh, contemporary, and appropriate for all users.


Our annual updates include new definitions, headwords, phrases, senses, and global varieties, as well as editorial reviews, updates, corrections, and sensitivity reviews.


Keep your products contemporary with annual updates from Oxford Languages.

2021 Updates


July 2021 Bilingual Updates (includes Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian bilingual datasets)

  • Across our bilingual dictionaries, numerous words relating to the pandemic have been added, such as coronavirus, covid-19, social distancing, WFH, self-isolate, PPE, and hand sanitizer. Other additional words included in some of our bilingual dictionaries cover topics such as gender and sexuality.
  • Sensitivity reviews were conducted on our German and Russian datasets; the English-German sensitivity review resulted in updates to 203 entries in the German-English and 409 in the English-German. Sensitive topics in both sides of the dictionary were reviewed, including gender, race and sexuality.
  • For the English-Russian sensitivity review, 114 entries were updated on the English-Russian side, and 112 on the Russian-English side. All English and Russian offensive and vulgar slang words were reviewed to ensure that they are translated, indicated, and labelled appropriately. This review focused on categories including race, disability, gender and sexuality.


April 2021 English update (US & UK monolingual dictionaries; US & UK thesauri; sentence dictionary; audio)

  • This year, we have added 450 new words, phrases, and senses to our modern English dictionaries, as well as over 860 new definitions, and covering themes such as mental health, covid, World English, and science.
  • New words include covidiot, anxiety disorder, murder hornet, and bellywash, while new phrases include keep on keeping on, and take a knee.
  • In addition to adding new material, carrying out updates, and revising targeted entries, for the English 2021 update we conducted an in-depth sensitivity review focusing on Mental Health and Mental Difference and on the way that political terms were defined, labelled, and illustrated. New senses were added to existing entries, and during ongoing sensitivity and revision reviews racism, racist, and related terms were reviewed, while 220 entries around mental health and mental difference were revised.


April 2021 Spanish monolingual update

  • The Spanish 2021 update included the addition of new material, with a particular focus on coronavirus-related terms.
  • The Spanish monolingual gained 100 new entries, 50 new senses or expressions, and 50 modified entries. New entries included: cubrebocas (face mask), sanitizar (sanitize), analérgico (non-allergenic), and panhispánico (pan-Hispanic).


April 2021 Spanish bilingual update

  • The Spanish bilingual update included 200 new or updated entries across both sides and covered additions such as: Covid-19 (Covid-19), climate crisis (crisis climática), person of color (persona de color), herd immunity (inmunidad colectiva), nanoplastic (nanoplástico), and net zero (cero neto).


April 2021 Portuguese monolingual update

  • For the Portuguese 2021 update, we conducted a major sensitivity review focusing on the way that thousands of entries relating to gender, sexuality, and other topics that are sensitive in Brazil are defined, labelled, and illustrated.

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