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C-Pen® by Virrata is the original pen scanner brand, having been at the forefront of assistive reading and learning technology for many years. C-Pen products feature market-leading technology that empower people and facilitate learning in daily life. The company aims to level the odds for people with learning disabilities, from increasing professional productivity, to improving independent learning and literacy in students with reading difficulties such as dyslexia, or those learning a second language. By developing innovative tools and creative solutions that help students to read, understand, and learn, C-Pen empowers them to be their best.

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C-Pen scanners are digital mark up pens, digitizing printed information and allowing it to be processed further and used for multiple purposes, with a focus on productivity and learning. Oxford Children’s Language datasets are ideal for applications targeting young consumers, a solution evident in the ReaderPen™, designed to encourage independent learning, and providing a specialised solution for students suffering from reading difficulties such as dyslexia.
Powered by Oxford Languages data, the ReaderPen reads text out in human-like digital voices, providing American English, British English, French, and Spanish options, and is an excellent example of Oxford Languages data being used in a lookup setting. The ReaderPen™ Secure provides a solution for users in the workplace, enabling independent reading and comprehension, providing spoken text and word definitions, powered by monolingual datasets.
Oxford Languages bilingual datasets are ideal for translation applications, a solution displayed in the C-PEN Connect and LingoPen™, which encourage independent learning and allow translated text to be kept on a host device.
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Our partnership


Our purpose is to level the odds for people with reading and learning disabilities.
Working with Oxford Languages makes that so much easier because we can always rely on
getting the best quality data, well suited for the purpose.

- Peter Johansson, CEO of C-PEN

Oxford Languages has powered C-Pen products for many years, with our monolingual and bilingual datasets providing the accurate, high quality language data required for their products to enable independent learning. C-Pen and Oxford Languages share a common goal to promote education and learning through technology, which has allowed this successful partnership to thrive.

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