Case Study: Kobo and Oxford Languages

Kobo & Oxford Languages

Dictionary search: a tailor-made solution

The Product


Kobo Inc is a leading brand in the electronics space, producing award-winning eReaders and applications that bring the power of reading into their user’s world. An e-reader is a handheld electronic device on which digital versions of written materials can be read, such as books or newspapers. Kobo eReaders have a global user base, with a vast range of models, including the Kobo Elipsa, Kobo Forma, Kobo Libra H2O, Kobo Clara HD, and Kobo Nia, each providing unique features ranging from mark up to waterproofing.


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The Problem


eReader users will occasionally come across words they don’t know, which would interrupt their reading experience. To find the meaning of a word, they would need to use a separate product, such as an online or printed dictionary.

The Kobo team developed a look-up dictionary and translation tool within the eReader. They wanted to make definitions, example sentences, and translations immediately accessible, to create
a seamless experience for their readers. They needed data to do this, and by partnering with Oxford Languages, we worked together to determine the best solution for their dictionary display needs. As a result, utilizing a range of our monolingual and bilingual datasets, across a wide range of languages, we developed a bespoke solution for Kobo’s built-in dictionary feature, allowing their users to simply highlight unfamiliar words and access a definition within the device.
Kobo receive dedicated data structure support from Oxford Languages to assist with the integration stage, enabling smooth ingestion of new languages. With a variety of data formats available to us, we offered a uniform structure across all datasets and languages. This allowed for easy integration and enabled Kobo to offer a wide range of languages to their end users, including our Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, and English monolingual and bilingual lexical data.
With Oxford Languages’ data, Kobo is able to provide a seamless experience for their users, with confidence that our comprehensive coverage and regular updates allow their customers to access the most up-to-date dictionary content. Our longstanding partnership provides Kobo with the reputable data they need to keep their award-winning products up-to-date, and positively impacts their end user experience. Oxford Languages offers one point of contact, and one source, for all their dictionary data needs.