Changing to Oxford Languages

Why have we changed from Oxford Dictionaries to Oxford Languages?

We are the world’s language data experts, investing over 150 years of experience and technological innovation into delivering authoritative, evidence-based content for languages around the world.


In our mission to unlock the power of language for learning and for life, we have developed beyond the role of a traditional dictionary publisher, providing our language content in more versatile and accessible formats for building and sharing language knowledge worldwide.


For decades, our language content has been powering the programmes and products that are transforming the way we communicate, learn languages, and access knowledge. From partnerships with leading academic institutions to licensing relationships with enterprising tech firms, our language data is engaged more expansively and creatively than ever in advancing learning and global communication.


We want our brand identity to reflect this ongoing transformation from traditional dictionary publisher to language content provider, and with our new name, Oxford Languages, we can do just that.


Oxford Languages encourages our users, customers, and partners to think outside of the dictionary box and consider how our language data can power your research and products.


We are continually exploring new ways to empower people worldwide through our world-leading products – from the Oxford English Dictionary to the OD API – providing innovative language solutions to make the future of learning and communication a reality today.


How can Oxford Languages help you
to unlock the power of language?