Language data for EdTech



Oxford Languages provides lexical datasets that can support educational software, platforms, and tools. With extensive experience in the educational space, our dictionaries are trusted by teachers and students, and we have been supporting numerous educational product developments and enhancements with our lexical database and expertise.


Our dictionary datasets are currently integrated into EdTech solutions such as:


Our lexical datasets have multiple applications beyond the usual lookup features. We have collaborated with several innovative companies who have utilized our database in tools for speech assessment in language learning and word suggestions in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools.


  • A range of lexical datasets, including monolingual, bilingual, and semi-bilingual dictionaries, pronunciation and audio data, and sentence datasets.
  • Accurate and trusted lexical data compiled by expert lexicographers and consolidated by a renowned brand.
  • More than 60 languages available for licensing to support all languages your educational solution supports.
  • Lexical data containing labels that indicate insensitive language suitable for all educational levels.
  • Support from our Customer Success team to help you get the most value from our data.