OGL: Resources for teachers using the living dictionaries

This page presents some suggestions of how to use the living dictionaries in the classroom.

The proposed exercises can be built around specific topics of interest.

1. Theme-base translation classes

Aim: Add words missing from the dictionary, based on a theme-based word-list.

Facilitated by: teacher

Resources: Word lists. The OGL site is used in the class for the students to add the words.

2. Translation mini-word marathons

Aim: Collect as many translations as possible in a short (30-60 min online session).

Facilitated by: Language Manager

Resources: Theme-based images. Participants see images and enter as many related words as they can on the living dictionary.

Topics of interest can be suggested by the students.
These webinars can be set specifically fit around themes being addressed in the classes. The LM will host the online event and facilitate participation.
These can be scheduled at times convenient for the students.

3. Terminology-building exercises

Aim: The idea is to get the students to gather more specific terminology on gives topics (e.g. medical terms, legal terminology, etc.).

Facilitated by: Teacher (offline) or Language Manager (online).

Resources: List of topic areas. The themes can be suggested by the teacher and the students, according to their interests. 

Similar to the translation mini-marathons, but using lists of topics instead of images. These can be printed off and used in class for students to add words to the dictionary.

4. Challenge pages

Aim: Collect translations around a topic worked in the classroom.

Facilitated by: Teacher (offline) set as homework (online).

Resources: Theme-based landing pages (such as this one prepared for a class by the Indonesian LM around 'household equipment': https://id.oxforddictionaries.com/explore/household-equipment-and-tools).

The teacher will built the terminology around a theme in the classroom, and then give the students the link to the landing page for them to add works as homework. This will work well as a consolidation exercise, and also when there is no access to computers in the classroom.

5. Translation competitions

Aim: Add translations - variations of the above exercises in competition form.

Facilitated by: Teacher (offline) or Language Manager (online), depending on the exercise.

Resources: These can be run among different groups of students.

They are variations of the exercises described above, in which they can be run as group or individual competitions.

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