Annual Updates

Oxford Languages Annual Updates

Language is constantly evolving, meaning our datasets are, too. Our annual product updates see a number of our key datasets updated with a great deal of new material and updated or revised targeted entries as part of our ongoing work to ensure that our content is fresh, contemporary, and appropriate for all users.


Based on evidence gathered by our expert lexicographers, our annual updates include new definitions, headwords, phrases, senses, and global varieties, as well as editorial reviews, updates, corrections, and sensitivity reviews.


Keep your products contemporary with annual updates from Oxford Languages.


Oxford Dictionaries API update


Chinese definitions are now accessible on the Oxford Dictionaries API thanks to the addition of the Simplified Chinese Monolingual dictionary.

June 2024 updates


We have added hundreds of new headwords, phrases, and senses to our English monolingual datasets, including content from different class domains such as science, medicine, technology, and the environment.

October 2023 updates


Our October 2023 update includes hundreds of new additions and content revisions in our flagship Oxford Dictionary of English and New Oxford American Dictionary datasets, as well as to relevant audio sound files.

April 2023 updates


Our April 2023 update sees the addition of hundreds of new entries, including altcoin, chonky, and permacrisis.

September 2022 updates


Our September 2022 update features hundreds of new additions, including content from different class domains such as soccer, science, medicine, and technology.

April 2022 updates


Our April 2022 update sees additions and updates to our flagship datasets, along with updates to synonyms, sentences, and audio.

2021 updates


Our 2021 updates covered additions and updates to key monolingual and bilingual datasets, as well as thesauri, sentence dictionary, and audio.