June 2024 Updates

At Oxford Languages, we're committed to ensuring that all language communities benefit from digital access and representation. We offer an ever-growing portfolio of high quality datasets in low resource languages, and as of 13 June 2024, Chinese definitions are now accessible on the Oxford Dictionaries API thanks to the addition of the Simplified Chinese Monolingual dictionary.


This will now be available alongside the already-existing Chinese<>English translations, making our Chinese offering on the API more complete.


The Simplified Chinese dictionary can now be accessed on the Oxford Dictionaries API via the Entries or Words endpoints.


The Simplified Chinese dictionary data includes key features that are typically found in our monolingual endpoints, including definitions, examples, and transliterations.


Other features include lexical category, derivatives, senses and their IDs, compounds, phrases, and editorial notes.


Existing and non-existing users who would like to the trial the Simplified Chinese dictionary on the Oxford Dictionaries API can contact us to get exclusive trial access.


If you are interested in licensing the Simplified Chinese dictionary via the Oxford Dictionaries API, please get in touch with us for more information.