OED Labs

OED Text Annotator beta

The OED Text Annotator beta has been designed to annotate texts written between 1750 and the present day using lexical information derived from the OED.


To use the OED Text Annotator beta, you simply upload your text as a plain-text file and the approximate date when the text was written; this can help to improve the accuracy of annotation.

Your text will be annotated with:

  • Etymology type
  • Languages of immediate etymon
  • Languages of ulterior etymon
  • Contemporary frequency
  • Modern frequency
  • Dates in use


We are giving invite-only access to users who are interested in using this application in their research and are also keen to give feedback. Please register your interest for us to consider your application. We have ideas to develop this application in many ways, but we want to hear from you about how the current version does and doesn’t work for you, so that that we can create a development roadmap which aligns with our users’ feedback.


More detailed information about how the OED Text Annotator works, and FAQs can be found on the help page.


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