OED Researcher API

OED Researcher API

We believe that the OED should be able to serve all scholars who want to investigate the sociological, historical, economic, or geographical record of the English language or use this data to fuel research in the wider humanities disciplines.


Our goal is to further develop the OED’s offering to actively support the needs of academic research as they evolve in the coming years.


The OED Researcher API will provide unprecedented access to the OED's huge and uniquely curated English language dataset.


It will enable academic researchers to quickly and easily access and manipulate the OED's data, using a series of sophisticated endpoints to surface data that will fuel new and exciting avenues of research.


We have developed a prototype of the OED Researcher API and are looking for academic researchers interested in employing such a tool in their work to contribute their insights and ideas to further inform its development.





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We would like to invite you to take part in shaping the development of the OED Researcher API.


Your constructive shared insights will help us to ensure the OED Researcher API meets the needs of the wider academic community, enabling researchers with the desire to consume raw historical language data to advance their academic research.


Register your interest, and a member of the OED team will be in touch with more information.