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Thank you for attending our sponsored lunch at LocWorld50 Silicon Valley! To learn more about our how our products enhance translation and localization solutions, find our "menu" below and download the desktop or smartphone versions of our slide deck.


Language reference datasets in more than 60 languages, covering meaning, translations, synonyms, domain, register, usage, region, and other key information to support reading, writing, and translation.


Lexical datasets optimized for use in NLP, featuring comprehensive morphologies annotated with data features such as frequency, alternative transcriptions, grammatical information, and classifications (sensitivity, register, domain, region/dialect, etc.)

Pronunciation data

IPA transcriptions in our proprietary models, with mappings to high-quality audio recordings for each word. Currently available in American, British, Australian, and Indian English varieties, with more regions and languages in development.

Text for training

Publishable grade, 100% human-produced text and translations, including domain-specific content and segment-aligned parallel content. Some datasets are available with semantic annotation.

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