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5th  December 2016, Oxford, UK - Oxford  Dictionaries is pleased to announce the launch of the Oxford Dictionaries API which, for the first time, will enable developers to access and utilize Oxford’s leading lexical content and provide a gateway to our innovative Lexical Engine and Platform (LEAP), where our multilingual[1] dictionary data is optimized and semantically linked.

Although APIs for languages such as English are fully realized, the Oxford Dictionaries API places additional emphasis on the availability of digitally underrepresented languages, such as Indonesian, Swahili, and Hindi. This allows developers the ability to localize products and services in many languages for the first time. The Oxford Dictionaries API makes quality lexical data accessible for both commercial projects and research initiatives. It will allow commercial developers of every size and budget to enhance their app or website with Oxford’s dictionary data. For many applications which are just starting out, the data is available for free. For research, the API is always free and will allow linguists and language researchers around the world to integrate our language data.

Dave Zack, Technology Director for Dictionaries at OUP commented: “We are delighted to make our high quality language data available to developers all over the world. It will be exciting to see local software developers leverage their native language to create new applications and services based on this data. For many developers, this is the first time they will have access to native language data in a robust and consistent format. We will be adding more languages, features and data all the time and look forward to feedback on how we can assist the broad developer community in their efforts."

Using a range of simple endpoints developers can access the breadth of Oxford Dictionaries data including definitions, translations, synonyms, example sentences, and pronunciations from datasets covering an ever growing list of languages. Users can also retrieve lemmas of inflected forms, create bespoke wordlists, and make use of the same powerful search functionality that powers Oxford Dictionaries websites. This allows the data to be used in new ways beyond simple dictionary display.

 The content behind the API is powered by a new Lexical Engine and Platform (LEAP), which puts language content through a series of transformations, links the data, and houses multiple languages in a single platform. LEAP makes the data flexible and reusable, offering high-quality inter-language sense disambiguation and translation. For example, if you’re looking for the Spanish equivalent of the English noun ‘bat’, you will want to make sure you use the right word, whether it’s the implement used in sports or the nocturnal mammal. LEAP makes this, and much more, possible.

More than 500 companies already use data licensed from Oxford Dictionaries, including most of Silicon Valley’s big tech players. The API opens up wider possibilities for use from games and learning tools to research and business apps.



For more information regarding Oxford Dictionaries, please contact:

In the UK, Europe, and Rest of World:

Chloe Foster, Press Officer, Oxford Dictionaries

+44 (0) 1865 353584 


In the Americas:

Sarah Russo, Head of PR and Trade Marketing, OUP


[1] Datasets

Oxford Dictionary of English (UK)

New Oxford American Dictionary (US)

English thesaurus

Spanish monolingual

Spanish–English bilingual

Northern Sotho–English bilingual

isiZulu–English bilingual

English–Romanian bilingual

Latvian monolingual

Indonesian–English bilingual

Setswana–English bilingual

Malay–English bilingual

Urdu–English bilingual

Pricing plans

FREE: Full access to Oxford Dictionaries data. 3k requests per month

BASIC - £10 per month: Full access to Oxford Dictionaries data. 10k requests per month

PRO - £50 per month: Full access to Oxford Dictionaries data. 100k requests per month

PREMIUM - £200 per month: Full access to Oxford Dictionaries data. 500k requests per month

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