Oxford Dictionary of English – Light Edition

Oxford Dictionary of English – Light Edition

Oxford Dictionary of English – Light Edition is a streamlined version of Oxford’s authoritative English dictionary data. It has all the breadth and reliability you’d expect from an Oxford dictionary, but in a lightweight, flexible format. We’ve stripped back our content to give you all the essential data you need, and nothing else. Ideal for use in any context where clean, simple, English language data is required: mobile applications, word games, educational tools, audio assistants, and beyond.


A key feature of this dataset is that it is entirely customizable, flexing to suit your exact needs: select from the below features, and we can supply the exact data your products require.

Key features of this dataset:


  • Headword
  • Part of speech
  • Core definitions
  • Usage labels, both separately tagged and integrated
  • Essential forms
  • Phrases
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Derivatives
  • Metadata
  • Examples
  • Pronunciations
  • Audio pronunciations
  • Encyclopedic entries


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