“Barnes & Noble’s NOOK devices and/or NOOK reading apps were originally only available in the U.S. market. In October of 2012, Barnes & Noble launched a storefront in the U.K., and simultaneously started to develop a strategy for additional International markets. NOOK had always provided a word lookup feature for U.S. English-speaking customers and the time had come to offer multilingual options as well.”


“Our existing licensing arrangement for the U.S. English dictionary could not be expanded to the extent we preferred. We preferred to partner with a company that could provide a range of languages in order to maintain a consistent customer experience and minimize internal operational development and strain.”


“The main benefit was the creation of a dictionary solution for NOOK that covered multiple languages but was built using the same software framework—we needed to limit the amount of unique development work required for each language.  We ultimately created a solution that is usable on all NOOK devices and NOOK reading apps.”


“The OGLS team has been extremely accommodating, professional, responsive, and flexible. When one is launching a new digital product, the deadlines can be fickle and often unforgiving. The OGLS team was able to work with us through fast turnaround times and delays. The foundation we built could serve us well if we expand our current offering.”

Susan McCulloch, Director, Publisher Relations, Barnes and

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