Case Study: Kielikone and Oxford Languages

Kielikone & Oxford Languages

Corporate language tools made easy

The Product


Kielikone Ltd. is the market leader of digital dictionaries in Finland and one of the world’s leading providers of easy-to-use language tools. Kielikone’s high-quality MOT language services help customers use and understand language in both everyday life and corporate environments.


In addition to digital dictionary services, Kielikone offers machine translation and proofreading services.


Find out more about Kielikone’s services, powered by Oxford Languages data.


The Problem


Corporate working environments often require employees to communicate with peers across the globe, resulting in a need for consistent and easily accessible dictionary services.

"Our mission is to help our users to understand, use, and learn languages at work, in school, and in their free time, and one of the cornerstones in our offering are reliable, up-to-date dictionaries.

In Oxford Languages we have the perfect partner for this: they bring to the table the world’s best dictionaries combined with a deep understanding of our business."


— Liisa Stén, C.O.O.


Kielikone developed a dictionary platform that provides languages services for users, including definitions and translations. They wanted to create a seamless experience where users can access all their language requirements in one platform with any device .
Kielikone needed trustworthy dictionary data to use in professional and educational settings. Oxford Languages and Kielikone worked together to determine the best solution to fit their dictionary data needs. Utilizing a selection of our monolingual, bilingual, and thesaurus datasets across a wide range of languages, Kielikone developed a bespoke solution that enabled them to provide an efficient and easy to use dictionary service.
Kielikone receive specialized and ongoing support from Oxford Languages to assist with integration of new languages, and maintenance of existing ones. The flexible formatting of our datasets allowed Kielikone to include a vast array of languages in their platform, including an array of our Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Italian, French, Hindi, and English monolingual and bilingual lexical data.
With our data, Kielikone are able to provide a reliable and diverse language service for their end users, with confidence that our comprehensive coverage and regular updates provide the most up-to-date dictionary content. Our successful partnership provides Kielikone with the efficient and consistent dictionary data needed to power their high-quality services.