Oxford Global Languages: Tamil working group

Oxford Global Languages is a major initiative from Oxford Dictionaries to build resources for 100 languages and make them available online.

As part of the project, the Oxford Tamil online dictionary was launched, and it is an online space where language lovers and learners are able to freely access lexical and other language resources.

To manage the website, promote it, and produce language content, we have a Tamil Language Champion working group, which we are now expanding.

We are looking for enthusiastic Tamil speakers to voluntarily manage a number of aspects:

  • Manage the daily running of the website
  • Manage a social media channel 
  • Write and review content (grammar articles, cultural pieces, blog posts, quizzes, etc)
  • Promote the programme by reaching out to relevant organisations and individuals 
  • Get involved in language-related events – online and offline (if and when applicable)

Each individual or group of volunteers will be responsible for one of the aspects above. All training and support will be provided, and expenses paid when necessary. 

The volunteers will be formally recognized as Language Champions within Oxford Global Languages and will receive a certificate detailing their participation.

We are looking for volunteers, and a varied array of skills, as different groups will be managing different tasks:

  • Language skills: writing, proofreading and translating
  • Working on social media
  • Notions of marketing
  • Networking 

The volunteers can participate as much or as little as they wish, and may continue to get involved for as long as they enjoy the activities and they suit their available time.

This will suit graduate or post-graduate students of language-related disciplines, and language professionals and enthusiasts who would like to be part of the Oxford Global Languages project.

If you are interested, please get in touch and we can have an informal chat about the roles:

OGL Tamil Language Champion Group


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