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English Wordlist

The Oxford English Wordlist enables developers to validate words and check spellings.


Collated and curated by our expert language technologists, the Oxford English Wordlist provides reliable, authoritative data in a flexible, platform-agnostic format with perpetual granted rights, enabling you to enhance your products.


The Oxford English Wordlist is available for licensing agreements, please get in touch with our team if you are interested in purchasing.

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The Oxford English Wordlist includes:

  • 480,000+ words from our world-leading British and American English content
  • Every main, variant, and inflected form in current use – including entries labelled offensive
  • Multi-word phrases, idioms, and proverbs – e.g. the proof of the pudding is in the eating
  • Broken and unbroken compounds – e.g. ad blocker, ad-blocker, and adblocker
  • Proper nouns, abbreviations, and symbols – e.g. Churchill, Sir Winston, NVP, and ?


Save your memory for bigger things with our purposefully light, de-duplicated data.


Give your users the option to play offline thanks to our flexibly-formatted data.


Easily manage the data across any operating system with our platform-agnostic file format.


Rely on data from the most trustworthy Oxford Languages-approved sources.


Safeguard your users' trust in the quality of your content with our Powered By Oxford Languages stamp.


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