The Oxford Soundbank

Explore superbly crafted
language audio

The Oxford Soundbank is the home of our language audio.


Through the Soundbank we offer an extensive range of languages, with more recordings and transcription information added every week.


All of our audio is recorded in a controlled studio environment by phonetically aware actors who are native speakers of the relevant variety of the language.


The result is pronunciation and example sentence audio of the highest quality, delivered alongside superbly crafted XML files.


Thanks to our transformative data mapping system, we are able to create bespoke bundles tailored to your requirements, enabling you to flexibly access our authoritative language audio.

English Soundbank


Over 850,000 audio files from across our English language dictionary products – including our flagship Oxford English Dictionary – are available through the English Soundbank.
Request a sample to see how you can harness the power of our English language audio through the Oxford Soundbank.

Over 700,000 English language files of word forms including variants, inflections, and compounds

150,000 full example sentence recordings in British and American English

World English recording sets:

Australian, Canadian, Caribbean, East African, Hong Kong, Irish, Manx, New Zealand, Philippine, Scottish, Singapore and Malaysian, South African, Welsh, West African