Language content for educational assessment platforms

Language content for educational assessment platforms



What is the value of implementing dictionary features to educational assessment platforms?

The EdTech world has become increasingly digitalized over the past few years due to changes brought on by the pandemic, and digital education products are now being used more frequently than ever. Education products, such as Learning Management Systems, have helped to support teachers and educational facilities in tracking student development and delivering education.


At Oxford Languages, we have observed that digital educational companies often need to provide dictionary features within their products, to enhance their users’ experience.



Our data as seen in Eduphoria’s built-in dictionary solution



For example, the implementation of dictionary features in educational assessment platforms enables students to access word information, such as definitions, at the click of a button without the need to visit another app or website — increasing the functionality of the application, and improving understanding for students.


By providing additional features like example sentences and sensitivity labels on their platforms, assessment providers can also enable students of all educational levels to see real-life examples of how a word is used, as well as helping them understand when language is insensitive.



A dictionary dataset that reflects American English as it's used today. The machine-readable format of the New Oxford American Dictionary provides more than 350,000 words and meanings, curated and annotated by our expert lexicographers.


Our American English dictionary data can be used to improve...

User experience

Create a seamless experience for users, eliminating the need to look online for word definitions, or other word information.

Independent learning

Facilitating greater understanding and enabling independent learning opportunities for students.


Increasing engagement on assessment platforms from students.

Download a sample of our American English dataset in XML, and explore what you can expect to see from a full dataset.