Oxford Dictionaries and Dictionary.com to Launch New Language Website

Oxford Dictionaries is delighted to announce a collaboration with Dictionary.com to launch a new consumer website for English and Spanish language content.

The new site will feature dictionary content from Oxford’s English and Spanish dictionaries and thesauruses, plus grammar, usage, and spelling content to help users with everyday language challenges. Launching later this year, the site will exist as a sister site to Dictionary.com and will be freely available around the world. It will be regularly updated with new content provided by the editorial team at Oxford Dictionaries keeping it up-to-date with language changes and shifts in usage identified through Oxford’s language research programmes.

Oxford will be decommissioning the free English and Spanish dictionary sites at en.oxforddictionaries.com and es.oxforddictionaries.com and redirecting all users to the new site at its launch. The Oxford Dictionaries Premium subscription sites, the Oxford English Dictionary site, and the Oxford Living Dictionary sites in other languages will continue to be available to users.

Casper Grathwohl, President of Dictionaries at Oxford University Press, said: “I’m really excited about the next chapter for Oxford Dictionaries. The new platform will marry Dictionary.com’s extraordinary success reaching users on the free web with our world-leading expertise in creating high quality language content.  It’s a 21st -century collaboration designed to ensure dictionary users across the world have access to the content they trust."

About Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries is part of Oxford University Press (OUP), a department of the University of Oxford. Our mission is to provide reliable, evidence-based, up-to-date dictionaries and language data. We’ve been making dictionaries for more than 150 years and we continue to innovate, developing new tools and services that allows our content to be available to users where they need it: online, mobile, or in print.

About Dictionary.com 

Dictionary.com is the world's leading, definitive online and mobile resource dedicated to helping people master the art of language. We provide tens of millions of global monthly users with reliable access to millions of definitions, synonyms, audio pronunciations, example sentences, translations and spelling help through our services at Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. Our leading mobile applications for reference and education have been downloaded more than 100 million times.


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