The Kindle is the most popular e-reading device in the world, and since its launch it has offered readers trusted English definitions from Oxford dictionaries.  As the Kindle has grown in popularity around the world, the need to provide  dictionaries in languages other than English on the Kindle device has also grown. 


Oxford provided data customizations to embed four of its best-selling bilingual dictionaries on Amazon’s Kindle. Language enthusiasts can now access French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations and definitions anywhere they read Kindle e-books. 


Because Amazon has already embedded Oxford Dictionaries to provide quality English dictionary content on the Kindle, utilizing Oxford’s trusted bilingual dictionaries provided a consistent user experience around the world while ensuring high quality content.


“Oxford clearly understands the challenges of customizing bilingual dictionaries content for integration into hardware and software and they have been an important Kindle partner for more than 10 years.” 


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