Easy access to complex data

Using our powerful Oxford Dictionaries API, you can access multiple languages and highly customizable endpoints, including headwords, definitions, parts of speech, audio pronunciations, and example sentences. You get immediate access to the latest words and most up-to-date meanings to ensure your lexical content is always accurate.

We’ve taken a LEAP forward in data management

The Oxford Dictionaries API provides a gateway to our innovative Lexical Engine and Platform (LEAP), where our dictionary data is optimized and semantically linked. We’re working to implement this for each of the datasets in our portfolio, so if you’re looking for the Spanish equivalent of ‘bow’, we’ll make sure you get the sense you’re looking for (whether that be ‘a decorative tied ribbon’, 'a way of greeting someone with respect’, or ‘the front end of a ship’). This semantic linking also allows you to easily cross-reference lexical information, opening up endless possibilities, from simple word lookups and vocabulary quizzes to natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

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